FAQ About Suspension Systems

January 29th, 2016

Steering Suspension in NY

Suspension systems keep your ride smooth. Imagine driving in NYC with them bottoming out in our yet to be hatched pot holes or when you go over those giant metal plates that cover holes in the street made by Verizon, EPA and Con Edion? Struts and shocks keep you comfortable and safe by allowing your tires and brakes and tires to work as they were designed too.


Shock absorbers work to reduce your springs natural tendency to move back and forth. Pushing on a corner of your car and observing how many times the car bounces is a way to sort of test whether your shocks need replacing. Do-it-your-selfers, if you do the push down on the edge of your car test and it bounces more than twice chances are you need shocks. How often you need shocks varies becaus ...[more]

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FAQ About Bridgestone Blizzak for a Safer Winter

November 12th, 2015

Winter...we love the snow, um, right? Well, maybe not if we have to drive on slippery roads, park, dig out our cars and be mobile in NYC.

But, Bridgestone Blizzaks can help big time.

What do experienced tire people say about the Blizzak experience?

Blizzaks have been tested, retested and tested again. There's no doubt about their ability to function in the snow and ice. They increase stopping ability, prevent sliding and skidding better than any other tire on the market. 106 St Tire & Wheel has them and we sell them with pride knowing Bridgestone's reputation and Blizzaks history and they have been around since 1993.

How Long Will Bridgestone Blizzak Winter / Snow Tires Last?

The Blizzak WS-tires' Multicell tread compound comprises the top more than&nb ...[more]

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