"Severe Road" Conditions in NYC- What's it Mean?

March 31st, 2016

NYC, we got them and we got them bad! Severe road conditions that is. We all know when the National Weather Service says there is a severe weather warning, we need to take precautions.

Our blog has pointed out many times during this last year the fact that in the NYC area we always drive under "severe road and traffic conditions" and we have spoken about many factors contributing to dangerous, over used, never maintained roads, traffic, stop and go driving, sudden breaking due to highways seemingly converging traffic and drivers going from doing 55 mph to 10 mph for miles and miles, etc.

Nowhere in the USA except other major metropolises like Los Angeles, Chicago, Atla ...[more]

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Windshield Wipers of the Future: SOUND!

January 27th, 2016

The Force Field will be with you........



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Luxury Cars Redefined 2016 Style

January 4th, 2016

...you think you have a luxury car? Maybe not. Read about luxury 2016 style. Now keep in mind you are talking about a big sticker price, too, but we can dream, can't we? What's new in luxury...more luxury, luxury gone 21st century and beyond. This article is based on an MSN autos article with some of our insights as consumers, who, like most of you can dream!

Massaging seats: How about the big buck Bentley Mulsanne: Reclining rear seat? Yep! "Heating and ventilation?" Of course! In seat massage? You betcha and five different types of massages with 10 different levels of power no less (can we just buy the seats?).  MSN Auto states: "The Mulsanne knows how to take care of you."

Luxury leather: MSN Auto says: "Diamond stitched leather or Alcant ...[more]

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"Dump That SUV" Says Men's Health

December 29th, 2015

3 More Quick Tips from Men's Health Magazine

Dump that SUV: Men's Health points out some down sides of driving an SUV. They say your SUV brakes more slowly, accelerates more slowly, takes more time to get through intersections, use more gas, pollute the environment more than mid-size cars and the likelihood of a rollover is increased considerably. Also, SUVs' size tend to cause issues for other drivers which may mean you land up in an accident. The visibility of other drivers impact safety because of blindspots...theirs and yours.

Automotive Repair Issues? Be Specific: Need a repair? Think you do? Take notes of everything that happens because a good mechanic wants the facts. Write down such things as:

1) was the engine hot?

2) did whatever happen on a turn?

3) what kind of ro ...[more]

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"DON'T LEASE" - Men's Health Magazine

December 9th, 2015




Great car tips from Men's Health

"Buy, Don't Lease 
Leasing is more expensive because you're using up the best years of the car's life. A monthly lease payment is precisely calculated to ensure that you pay for every penny of that dizzying depreciation, along with interest and other fees. If you'll keep the car at least 5 years, buying is usually a better deal. 

Arrive Armed 
Before going to the dealership, learn your credit score and check with your bank (as well as sites like bankrate.com) about loan options—or you'll be at the mercy of the dealer's finance office. Just don't take on a loan that will last longer than ...[more]

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Need a Tire Rotation? Want it FREE?*

December 3rd, 2015

Tire Rotations in NY

Tire rotations free!* (see below)

Rotating your tires is important. Why? It's important that tires wear evenly. In general, we advise our customers that it is best to link similarly timed maintenance functions, especially low-cost ones, to save you time and avoid forgetting essential maintenance and safety tasks.

In general, we recommend that you get your oil changed when you get your ...[more]

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Tire Tip: Don't Deflate Tires for Better Traction

November 10th, 2015

Tire tip of the day: Some drivers follow the old wives’ tale advice to reduce air pressure in tires during cold weather to increase traction.

The problem: While it MIGHT increase traction in some instances, it will cause undue tire wear when the weather warms.


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