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Why wheel alignments are necessary (Part 3)

August 5th, 2016

This is part 3 of our series on the imprtance of regular wheel alignments. Click here for part 1, and click here for part 2.

Wheel alignments save on fuel cost. 

The contact between your car tires and the road usually produces friction even when you are driving in a straight line. This is what is commonly known as tires rolling resistance. One of the primary functions of the car engine is to reduce this resistance. The harder it is to reduce tire rolling resistance, the more fuel the engin ...[more]

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Why wheel alignments are necessary (Part 2)

August 1st, 2016


This is part 2 of our series on the imprtance of regular wheel alignments. Click here for part 1.

Wheel alignments extends tire life. 

When your car has improperly aligned wheels, one you will notice premature wear and tear of the tires. For unaligned wheels, the tires tend to wear either on the edges or all over the tread. The tearing is usually uneven, and the tires are likely to make a noise when you are driving down the road.

As tire technology continues to advance, tires are becoming more and more expensive. If you are not careful with the wheels alignment of your car, then you might find yourself spending a fortune replacing your tires now and then.

Wheels alignmen ...[more]

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Why wheel alignments are necessary (Part 1)

July 29th, 2016

Five reasons why an annual wheel alignment check is necessary. 

If you are looking for a way to save cost and drive safely, then getting a wheel alignment is one of the car maintenance services you should consider at least every six months. Als you may know, driving conditions in New York are severe. While many people would only go for alignment if they happen to hit a cub or a pothole - and you certainsly should - research shows that the day to day use of a car affects alignment. Therefore, for cost saving, and safety purposes, this vehicle maintenance service is recommended at least twice in a year or after every 15000 miles.

Even though you ...[more]

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Wheel Damage to Steel & Alloy Wheels

April 4th, 2016

Ouch!!! You hit a curb or one of Queens infamous potholes and blew a tire. You get a new tire and get it balanced but something doesn't feel right…a slight shimmy, a vibration or maybe even a more-pronounced wobble. 

Sounds like there is a good chance you have a damaged the rim. If you’ve been pricing wheels recently, you know they can be pricy ranging from between $400 and $1000 for a replacement.

Come to 106 St Tire & Wheel as we offer a full range of comprehensive wheel and rim repair services and the good news? Most rims are repairable!

Here's what we can do to help you:

  • Re-true a warped, cracked or bent wheel ...[more]
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"Severe Road" Conditions in NYC- What's it Mean?

March 31st, 2016

NYC, we got them and we got them bad! Severe road conditions that is. We all know when the National Weather Service says there is a severe weather warning, we need to take precautions.

Our blog has pointed out many times during this last year the fact that in the NYC area we always drive under "severe road and traffic conditions" and we have spoken about many factors contributing to dangerous, over used, never maintained roads, traffic, stop and go driving, sudden breaking due to highways seemingly converging traffic and drivers going from doing 55 mph to 10 mph for miles and miles, etc.

Nowhere in the USA except other major metropolises like Los Angeles, Chicago, Atla ...[more]

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March 29th, 2016

You may not think about your brakes often however there's a stiff penalty for that: BRAKE FAILURE!
...and NYers, you more than any other city, need to remember you have special conditions that wear out brakes
mush sooner than any city in Idaho, Nebraska, Albany, Tuscany...think "severe driving conditions."

While other systems in your vehicle can be forgiving in that they will continue to work and it won't keep your car from starting, the really scary thing to keep in mind is once your brakes go, you may not be able to stop which will certainly hurt someone, something or perhaps kill pedestrians, kids, yourself or your own family, etc.

There's no point in saying "brakes last 1-2 years" o ...[more]

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March 23rd, 2016

Wheel Alignment Tips in Queens, NY


Have you been hitting potholes this winter? If so, read on about wheel alignments:

Every new vehicle's wheels are set at very specific angles for proper drivability, stability, and handling before it leaves the factory.

The critical alignment angles for the front wheels are toe-in and toe-out. This refers to the direction in which a wheel points (relative to a dead-ahead straight line); caster, which refers to the position of the top of the wheel, and camber, which is the offset of the suspension relative to an imaginary vertical straight line behind the wheel.

Many newer vehicles also are designed with adjustable rear suspensions, and a four-wheel alignment ensures that the rear wheels’ “thrust angle” is at a proper relationship with the front wheels. 

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Where's Our New Alignment Center?

March 8th, 2016

We're in a NEW place!!!! We're 3D!

In case you missed our grand opening, our new alignment center is now located just across the street at 105-08 Northern Blvd and its state-of-the-art 3D technology. In the city that never sleeps this center is open 24 hours a day including all holidays, closed only Christmas.

Wheel alignments are really important maintenance for your vehicle and the bumpy streets and potholes that appear each spring really mandates you remembering how many miles you have put on since your last alignment.

Old tires, poorly inflated tires, potholes and mileage make wheel alignments critical for avoiding the expensive parts and labor involved in front end work. A vehicle with a bad front-end becomes dangerous, tough to steer and is a ticking time bond.

Bottom line? You ne ...[more]

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Need new tires? We got THE deal for you!

February 22nd, 2016

free with the purchase of 4 tires at all 106 St Tire locations:

FREE wheel alignment

FREE tire mounting

FREE tire balancing

FREE valves if needed

FREE tire rotations for the life of your purchased tires

FREE nitrogen- ...[more]

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