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"Dump That SUV" Says Men's Health

December 29th, 2015

3 More Quick Tips from Men's Health Magazine

Dump that SUV: Men's Health points out some down sides of driving an SUV. They say your SUV brakes more slowly, accelerates more slowly, takes more time to get through intersections, use more gas, pollute the environment more than mid-size cars and the likelihood of a rollover is increased considerably. Also, SUVs' size tend to cause issues for other drivers which may mean you land up in an accident. The visibility of other drivers impact safety because of blindspots...theirs and yours.

Automotive Repair Issues? Be Specific: Need a repair? Think you do? Take notes of everything that happens because a good mechanic wants the facts. Write down such things as:

1) was the engine hot?

2) did whatever happen on a turn?

3) what kind of ro ...[more]

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Which Lane is the Safest Lane on the Highway?

December 22nd, 2015

Safety Tips You Don't Know

1) Men's Health states that ramp metering...you know...those annoying red lights that stop you from entering a highway...will save you time.

The use of traffic signals at highway on-ramps regulates traffic flow forcing a small time penalty on drivers at the beginning of their commutes. However, it pays off states the magazine. They quote David Schrank, Ph.D., of the Texas Transportation Institute: "Requiring vehicles to wait 20 or 30 seconds can save drivers 5 to 10 minutes on their trip."

2) Always be prepared for a water landing; most cars have electronic windows. Water and electricity don't mix well and your windows will short out when they come in contact with water. Result? You're trapped. Men's Health says, "Spend a few bucks on a center punch, a device shaped like a screwdriver but ...[more]

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New Car Shopping? - 3 Sneaky Tips

December 21st, 2015


Buying a New Car

Save $$$ bucks with these quick tips:

Here are some great suggestions from Men's Health Magazine on how to beat a car sales person at their own game while you save a bundle:

1: Stay Out of the Showroom: Research, research, research and you will spend almost 90 minutes less in the showroom. While you are at it build your dream car at Edmunds.com as well and then request quotes from at least 3 car dealers.

2: Playing Hard Ball: After you get those multiple dealer quotes via email, play all the dealers against each other to win the deal. Don't go to the showrooms until you get the price you want or close to it. Always remember, the dealer's first quote is always a bad deal. Be point blank and say, "You will have to do better than that to win my business." Re ...[more]

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How to Make Your Wiper Blades Last

December 20th, 2015

Windshield Wiper Blades

Simple, fast tips to make your windshield wipers last longer! Here's how:

1: keep your windshield as clean as possible so keep your windshield wiper reservoir full. Having your blades scrape over dirt wears your blades out much faster.

2: keep your windshield wiper blades as clean as possible by using a clean towel or rag, spraying it and cleaning your blades often

3: stand your blades up to keep them from freezing to your windshield in rough weather. Pull them away from your windshield (see photo) ...gently please if you have never done this before. If they don't stand up put a plastic grocery bag on each one on the nights when you know it's going to snow or freeze

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Holiday Driving Tips for Safer Driving

December 18th, 2015

Safety Tips for Holiday Drivers

Always plan ahead and make sure your car is in good condition maintenance wise. All of our 106 St Tire & Wheel locations are set up to do 47 point safety inspections for free. We'll check: your lights, oil, tires (condition like tread wear and air pressure level), belts and hoses, brake fluid, brakes themselves, antifreeze fluid and the condition of your battery. Anything going wrong could ruin your holiday plans and all of the above should all be checked by a professional before you leave.

Planning your route in advance will save time. GPS is good! Even with a GPS system, it's a good idea to bring along another option should something occur and using GPS is not possible. An actual current paper road map is great back up. Remember, road access can ...[more]

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Detail Your Ride Like a Pro

December 18th, 2015

Detailing Your Car Like a Pro - part 2

Okay, so you know this is not just about cleaning the outside with a bucket a hose, right?

We did say like a pro...so here you go with deep cleaning areas you probably never thought of!

Got a small air compressor? It's THE WAY to successfully blow dust and dirt out of the vents from your heater and air-conditioning system. Aim the high-pressure air at the walls of the ducts behind grills, vents, etc. Dirt and grime stick to the walls of the vet system and can leave you car smelling musty. Change your cabin air filter if you have one....at the least blow the dirt and dust out of it. We hope that a clean smelling car is not one of those Christmas tree looking air fresheners that hang from your rear view mirror.

Continue to use the compressor to blow leaves, wrappers, whatever from the nooks and cra ...[more]

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Auto detailing; Do It Like the Pros

December 16th, 2015


Keeping a beautiful car surface

Ever watch a woman care for her face? Lotions, creams, massage, reducing eye puffiness...your car's surface, to stay at its best, needs care like that.

Fortunately, we live in the information age and we can access all kinds of information or just read 106 St Tire & Wheel's blog as we gather information to share with our customers.

Over the next several days, we are going to share 10 secrets to better car detailing from pros who do it for a living.

First, know this. Auto paint surfaces, like everything else in the world, have evolved and improved making things easier. So toss out all that old junk like chamois and go 21st century, for example, with modern products like microfiber cloths.

Let us caution you though....like everything else, one ...[more]

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The Advantages of a Real Spare Tire...

December 15th, 2015

Full-Size Spare Tires...

Spare tires are a thing of the past, however, if you have room in your trunk, a full-size spare is really worth it. We are not speaking about those small "donuts" just to ride on until you are off the highway and find a service center that will give you a good price on a new one or a used one. Places like 106 St Tire & Wheel don't exist everywhere let alone ones that are open on holidays and all night like we are.

We are speaking about a full-size tire on a real metal rim. Yes, they are heavy.... yes, they are a thing of the past....yes, the weight helps you reduce gasoline efficiency but...

One advantage is that if you are traveling, you can slap on the real spare and you can keep going without paying higher tire dealer prices somewhere along your journey. You will save money and not sacrifice safety o ...[more]

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Quick Tip: Renting a Car...Instant Acclamation!

December 14th, 2015

Renting a car for holiday travel?

It's advisable to spend about 15 minutes plus acquainting ourselves with the features in the new car we just stepped into. But, that's easier said than done when you have the pressure of stepping behind the wheel of a brand new car, have to quickly acclimate yourself, start it and keep the line of existing drivers and cars moving out of the rental car's garage or parking lot. You may feel pressured because of the line behind you.

After exiting, just pull over and do a quick study until you feel comfortable. Here's a hint about gassing up which you will need to do sooner rather than later if you don't want to pay the rental company's gas price:

Your rented vehicle's fuel gauge tells you which side your gas tank is on in the new cars.Vehicle manufacturers use what has been called a ...[more]

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Non-Freeze Windshield Wiper Fluid Recipe

December 14th, 2015

Got No Wiper Fluid?

Here's a quick "recipe:"

  • 1 and 1/2 cups rubbing isopropyl alcohol
  • 5 cups water
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of liquid detergent (best kind? the ones that degrease dishes and pots)

you can double the above and get one gallon, however, don't over use the alcohol which may damage your wiper blades so take that under advisement. This is a quick fix in a pinch. CAUTION: label and store properly; isopropyl alcohol is poisonous but is needed in this recipe as an anti-freeze agent. USE ONLY AS AN EMERGENCY for auto safety only. Keep kids and pets away from this, please!

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