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No Snow? Not Out of the Woods, Folks

December 13th, 2015

Tire Wear in NY

So...where's the snow?

No snow SO FAR is no guarantee we won't have the usual January and February weather challenges. And 106 St Tire & Wheels is certainly not advocating you buy snow tires just in case. All weather tires can work fine.

But, here's the deal...tire tread must be at a safe depth and our 106 St Tire & Wheel locations will check your tire tread for free!

Drivers need to be really careful about tire tread getting too low because it's dangerous and the danger increases when the weather gets ugly. Once you can touch the wear bar on your tire at any point on that tire then the tread is too low and it becomes dangerous.

If the edges of your tires are worn down that means your alignment is probably off and you should seriously consider new tires and ...[more]

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Returning a Leased Car?

December 10th, 2015

What you need to know about lease returns!

Yesterday, our blog contained some insightful information from Men's Health about leasing a car. In a word, the magazine said: DON'T.

Today, we are talking about what if you do and the lease is up. What's good lease return advice? Well, 106 St Tire & Wheel can help you not get stung by a dealer. And don't tell us you have a great rapport with the dealer....truth is, the dealer does NOT check in your car, an independent agent does. So don't kid yourself. If the car's condition is less than what that person wants, you will foot the bill. And, by the way, who is that person? No one you know, let us assure you.

You know this, right? You do not own your LEASED CAR.

You are LEASING it; the dealer is going to sell your car when you retur ...[more]

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"DON'T LEASE" - Men's Health Magazine

December 9th, 2015




Great car tips from Men's Health

"Buy, Don't Lease 
Leasing is more expensive because you're using up the best years of the car's life. A monthly lease payment is precisely calculated to ensure that you pay for every penny of that dizzying depreciation, along with interest and other fees. If you'll keep the car at least 5 years, buying is usually a better deal. 

Arrive Armed 
Before going to the dealership, learn your credit score and check with your bank (as well as sites like bankrate.com) about loan options—or you'll be at the mercy of the dealer's finance office. Just don't take on a loan that will last longer than ...[more]

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Give Your Brakes a Break!

December 8th, 2015

Give Your Brakes a Break!

The life of your brakes is very much within your control. Use common sense and the info you get here to change ingrained habits. 106 St Tire & Wheel loves to save you money, you are our peeps...save money, l ...[more]

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More Whacky, Wild, Helpful & Interesting Car Tips

December 7th, 2015

Car Tips in NY

Danger...music!?!!?! Music with a heavy beat may get your blood pumping however it can lead to increased speed and, therefore, accidents—particularly if you crank up the volume and take off like a bat out of hell. With that in mind, also, know this: up tempo music slows down your reaction time. ...[more]

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Driver & Fertility Safety Tips

December 6th, 2015

Yep, we said fertility! More about that on the bottom of this article!

Holidaytime...its Christmas time in the city, feel the chaos? See the traffic jams? Parking pandemonium?
Here's a few hints to make the season a bit safer in more ways than one. It goes without saying: DO NOT DRINK, DRUG AND DRIVE! Right?

So we're having a little fun here today but safety is no laughing matter. 106 St Tire & Wheels is pointing out some important information here that may not be in your memory bank......yet.

Here's a few other things you might need to know:

Eliminate Distractions 
Truthfully, our eyes tend to follow where our hands go. FACT: Adjusting your radio dial takes 5.5 seconds. Guess what! That's 5.5 seconds that you are NOT watching the road! If you dial your phone while ...[more]

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Need a Tire Rotation? Want it FREE?*

December 3rd, 2015

Tire Rotations in NY

Tire rotations free!* (see below)

Rotating your tires is important. Why? It's important that tires wear evenly. In general, we advise our customers that it is best to link similarly timed maintenance functions, especially low-cost ones, to save you time and avoid forgetting essential maintenance and safety tasks.

In general, we recommend that you get your oil changed when you get your ...[more]

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Are You Making Your Car Sick?

December 2nd, 2015

Skipping Oil Changes Can Be Harmful!

Guess what? This picture above is not chocolate pudding..its car eating sludge!

Is there anywhere else in the US that faces the driving conditions of NYC and, specifically, Queens or Manhattan?

Stop and go driving? Not really good for an engine. Sitting in 45 minutes of traffic?

Not good for your engine...you get the picture. Therefore, there is no hard and fast rule about oil changes simply because NYC driving is not like driving anywhere else in the world.

However, when a vehicle maker makes a recommendation about oil changes, the advice is a one size fits all type of advice rather that for your specific driving conditions which is a huge consideration. Would you get this kind of cautionary advice ever? "Hey, if you live in Nu Yalk and drive dis car, first, ...[more]

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Car Controversy: Brake Fluid...WHEN?

December 1st, 2015

Changing brake fluid seems important but yet it's somewhat controversial.

Some car makers think it's important and include it in their maintenance schedules and others don't. We think it's important too!


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Change That Nasty Air Filter

November 30th, 2015

Come on now, you can tell us how nasty it is......sssh, we won't tell a soul! <wink>

Seriously, they don't need changing all that often and they can sure make your ride a bit sluggish...air filters are important because ultimately its your car's "breathing" mechanism. Your engine runs on a combination of air and gasoline. Your gas filter makes sure particles found in gasoline are filtered out and, of course ...[more]

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