When you car battery needs to be replaced (Part 1)

October 6th, 2016

When your car battery needs to be replaced (Part 2)

NOTE:This is part two of our series on battery replacement. Please click here for part 1.

Here is how to determine if your battery is getting enough electricity.

·        If you notice signs like warning lights such as ’Check Engine’ flicker, disappearing, and then reappearing again or odd flickering lights, then these are signs that your car battery is not getting enough electricity. If the alternator is not in good shape, your battery is also faulty since it will no longer be able to receive a charge and you should immediately replace it.

·        Slow engine cranking. As explained earlier, slow engine cranking is an indicator that your car battery needs replacement. This is also an indicator that your battery is not receiving enough electricity since your alternator isn’t charging it properly. A slow engine cranking system is a sign that you should immediately replace your battery.

An advanced car battery usually lasts between 1 and 4 years depending on the usage. Carrying out a battery test will show if the battery has any internal faults and requires replacement. However, if the battery test is positive, your mechanic may recommend another test known as parasitic current draw test, which measures the current draw as soon as all electrical devices are switched off and also compares it to the specifications. 

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