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Used Tires for Sale in Queens, NY

Used Tires for Sale in Queens, NY - 106 St. Tire & Wheel

As many budget-minded car owners know, buying used tires can save you a lot of money if done right. Buying used tires from a respected source such as ours, you are guaranteed to get a quality pre-owned tire, every time.

Sometimes there are unexpected auto repairs that you just didn't account for, such as a flat tire, or hitting a pothole. Here at 106St Tire and Wheel in Queens, NY, we do our best to patch your tire but if we can't, know that buying a used tire is always an option. 

Each of the tires we sell undergo an inspection to insure the highest quality, safety, and durability. 

With over 3000 used tires for sale you'll be sure to get a great deal on used tires here at 106St Tire & Wheel.