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Oil Changes in Queens, NY

It was true 70 years ago, and it’s just as true today – the single best way to ensure the most miles out of your vehicle is through a regimen of oil changes at regular intervals.
Engines rely on clean motor oil to provide a lubricating film between moving parts, cutting friction and wear and helping to disperse heat.  Over the course of a few thousand miles, though, motor oil becomes contaminated with microscopic metal shavings, acids , water vapor and carbon from the combustion process. Oil contains detergents and other additives to suspend the contaminants so they can be trapped by the paper element in the oil filter, but once the oil filter becomes saturated and can’t absorb anymore, they will start to build up as sludgy deposits on crucial engine parts.

How Often Should Motor Oil Be Changed?

Oil companies and quick-change shops used to push the “3,000 mile rule” for oil changes. Today’s conventional oils have come a long way and can now go for a 5-7,000 mile interval without significant sludge problems.
All manufacturers now recommend synthetic oil for their new vehicles. Synthetics provide better wear protection in just about every respect; while they are considerably more expensive per quart, they can go 10-12,000 miles between oil changes. Always check your owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

At 106 St Tire & Wheel in Queens, NY, we will:

Change your oil with up to 5 quarts of premium-brand oil
Replace the oil filter
Check and top off all fluids under hood
Check engine for leaks
Check belts and hoses
Check entire undercarriage and exhaust
Check air filter

Everyone’s trying to make a dollar go farther these days – make an appointment with us at 106 St Tire & Wheel for your next oil change!