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TPMS Services in Queens, NY.


106 St. Tire & Wheel is delighted to report that we are one of the best equipped and knowledgeable shops in the New York tri-state area with all the latest tech equipment, computers, and a full stock of replacement sensors.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are now mandated by federal law (commencing on Sept. 1, 2007) in all new passenger vehicles manufactured in the US and, also, this trend is international.

Monitoring your tire pressure, therefore, will dramatically change. Like most everything else in our world today, tire pressure will become a digital display. The TPMS electronic system will monitor real time tire pressure on your dashboard and automatically display a warning when tire pressure is low or high. Since under-inflated tires are the #1 cause of tire failure, this technology improves road safety by preventing accidents, saving hundreds of lives and thousands of injuries each year, lost wages, property damage, etc.

Tire pressure monitoring sensors are attached to the back of the valve stem on each tire and will not only show tire pressure but they will also display temperature of the tire.

And, by the way…TPMS is helpful for a greener tomorrow. In a more eco-friendly world with TPMS equipped vehicles get better gas mileage (saving you more than 3% for each tank of gas you use) when tires are inflated properly. This helps the environment by reducing the use of gasoline and diminishing greenhouse gases.

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