Air conditioning service / recharge added to our specials at our locations at 79-20 Queens Blvd, 106-01 Northern Blvd

May 26th, 2014

 our 106 St Tire & Wheel special deals:

=>oil change & tire rotation, most cars, $25
=>wheel repair starts at $35
=>wheel alignment most cars at all locations, available 24 hours at 106-01 Northern Blvd, $45
=>Napa front brakes, most cars, all locations, $65
=>A/C recharge-service $75*

*air conditioning service available only at
106 St Tire & Wheel 79-20 Queens Blvd 8am-8pm Mon-Sun
106 St Tire & Wheel 106-01 Northern Blvd 8am-8pm Mon-Sun

Free tire, brake, safety inspections at all locations!

Drive save NYC

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