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106 St Tire wants to caution our customers to be very careful: POT HOLES, ACCIDENTS BECAUSE OF POT HOLES, WHEEL DAMAGE, etc

After the winter we've had is any experienced New Yorker surprised about the zillions of POT HOLES?

Hell, no. The thing is some NYers are surprised and their surprise

doesn't stimulate action BEFORE an issue. Please drive more cautiously and slowly

on the roads in Queens and Brooklyn? Please drive defensely everywhere.

Pot holes are not just a street issue they are an everywhere issue including

ramps on and off highways, highways themselves. Please slow down

and avoid costly repair to your valuable wheels.

Our main location can repair your rim, it can weld your wheel, it can

replace your TPMS Sensor, it can do a wheel alignment as well as

all tire related services, new tires, used tires, discount tires, brand name tires

24 hours a day. Be careful out there! Call us 24/7 at the main location

106-01 Northern Blvd 718-446-6769


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