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106 St Tire & Wheel can say this enough: BEWARE POT HOLES

Another important warning about potholes from your friends and neighbors at 106 St Tire & Wheel

...they're dangerous for cars and motorcycles and there's more on the way!

The aftermath of NYC's snowy, wet winter is now upon us and more bad weather will probably worsen the situation. Right now, pot holes are often disguised by the telltale small puddle of water especially on black top surfaces. We're not out of the woods with bad weather quite yet and snowy wet conditions and cold weather and thaws are the enemy that cause these monstrous pot holes...and they are dangerous.

Hitting a pothole can be so severe, or your car is not equipped to handle the blow, it will cause you to lose control of your car. This leads to car accidents that, many times, have caused deaths.

The risk intensifies for motorcycle drivers increases for obvious reasons, they don't have 4000 pounds of metal around to protect them. Having just two wheels on the ground and a lower weight than cars, motorcycles are ill-equipped to handle potholes.

Some Helpful Hints For Reporting Potholes

  • Give the exact location of the pothole, street, avenue, neighborhood, type of road, heavy traffic light traffic
  • Be prepared to describe it (length, width, depth).
  • Try to remember if you saw or heard rain water in the hole.
  • Find out if the hole in a bus route or railway tracks.
  • Call 311 in NYC and report all of the above
  • You are entitled to be reimbursed by NYC, take photos of the pot hole, your car, the damage to your wheel, etc and save your bills

Pot holes are very dangerous and the only thing to do is slow down, be more observant especially on black top roads and use caution. It's your civic duty to report pot holes even when you are fortunate enough to avoid them.

Our main location at 106-01 Northern Blvd 718-446-6769 can repair pot hole damage for our customers 24 hours a day, 106 St Tire can weld a cracked wheel while you wait, we can repair dents in your rims 24/7, we can fix curb rash, restore the roundness of your wheel when its bent, we can reset or replace your TPMS sensors should they be damaged when your when hits a pot hole and we can repair suspension parts when the damage is severe.

Please report all pot holes immediately by calling NYC's information line at 311.


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