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What to Look for on a Flat Tire

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to you is a mishap on the road. If you notice your vehicle start to shimmy and shake and there is a slight up and down motion to your car. Pull over because you have a flat tire! The last thing you want to do is drive on a flat. It can and will do a lot of damage to your vehicle. Wheels are not designed to take the weight of your car. If you drive on a flat tire, you risk adding the cost of a wheel to the cost of tire repair. Don't drive any longer than you have to, just get of traffic and park in the most level place you can find. After you have driven your vehicle safely out of the flow of traffic you should examine the affected tire. Just a tiny hole can cause a tire to lose air and go flat. The best way to find tiny holes is to use water and soap. The bubbles will be a roadmap and show you wear the hole is. I always keep a small bar of hotel soap in my glove compartment; just make sure it is sealed well, so it doesn't melt! The next step to ... read more