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So You Say Your Car's Running Rough?

So You Say Your Car's Running Rough?

Your car used to be running great, and all the sudden it’s running rough, doesn’t have a lot of power and is using more gas. Why is this happening? Truth is, there are all kinds of reasons for a rough running condition. The smart play is to start with the simplest stuff, then work your way from there. Here’s a brief rundown of a few of the culprits for a rough-running condition: --A dirty air filter can literally smother the engine by restricting air flow through the fuel system. This is a quick and easy fix; just locate the air box, take out the old air filter, toss it and replace it. --Newer vehicles no longer have a coil, distributor and plug wires. Instead, they’re designed with a coil-on-plug setup that delivers spark at the spark plug itself. If these COP units start to fail, it can cause the vehicle to buck and run horribly. --A dirty fuel filter can cause a lot of problems. Fuel filters are located in the fuel line on newer vehicles, or possibly in the fuel tank by the ... read more


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