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Wheel & Tire Buying Tips

Wheel & Tire Buying Tips

At 106 St. Tire & Wheel, we know that driving around the streets of Queens, NY can be pretty tough on tires and wheels. We also know that many drivers want to dress up their rides a little and personalize them with custom tires and wheels, so here are a few tips for buying tires and wheels in Queens, NY: When shopping for wheels (<=see some of famous make wheels), make sure that your new wheels will be load-rated to your vehicle. Find the information placard on your vehicle (usually located on the door frame of the driver's door, or inside the glove box) and find the Gross Axle Weight Rating of the heaviest axle on the vehicle. Your wheel load rating is based on 50 percent of the heaviest GAWR of the vehicle. If you're planning on oversize wheels and tires, be mindful of outside fender clearance, inside fender well clearance and suspension and steering specs, including the number of turns ... read more


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