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How To Inspect Your Tires

How To Inspect Your Tires

It's way too easy to just forget about your tires and take them for granted...right up to the point where something goes wrong. It's important to keep up on their condition, though, and know what to look for! Here's a quick rundown of the best ways to inspect your tires: Regularly get a close look at the sidewalls and check for bulges, cracking (some cracking due to age is normal), gouges and scrapes. The sidewalls are pretty tough and can withstand curb scrapes, but use your own judgment as to what constitutes more serious damage. You'll know. Get a close look at the tread surface and run your hand over it to feel for irregularities. A “feathered” or “sawtooth” feel to the tread face can be an indicator of suspension problems, as is a “cupped” profile. Look at the entire tread face and check for uneven wear on the inside or outside edge – this is a sure sign of alignment problems. If your tires are beginning to wear significantly, be wary of ... read more


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