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Benefits of Buying Tires and Wheels Together

One of the most popular DIY upgrades for cars, trucks and SUVs is a new set of wheels. There are a dizzying array of sizes, colors, materials and designs to choose from and just as many tires available to fit them. While it is tempting to go online or to your local showroom, pick out a great looking set of wheels and order them up, the choices you make when buying a new set of wheels can have the unintended effect of changing the way your car handles, steers and holds the road. In fact, choosing the wrong wheels can make your car downright dangerous.


The first rule of choosing your new rolling stock is this: wheels and tires should act as a matched set. Buying one without considering the other is a recipe for disaster. If your wheels are too large they may not fit in your wheel wells, causing your tires to rub the body when you are driving down the road. This can be both hazardous and expensive when that interference ruins your tires. You might choose a great looking set of wheels but find out when they arrive that the bolt pattern is wrong, or that they are so heavy that your suspension will not be able to cope with the added weight. There are just too many variables to take a guess, spend the cash and hope for the best.

There is an easy way to make sure you get the best look combined with the best performance from your wheel and tire combo — start with the tires. While strolling into your local tire store may not be as fun as surfing the web and dreaming about that hot new set of wheels, an experienced tire professional can help you choose the right size wheel for your car and the best tire to help you meet your goals of safe handling and improved performance.

By taking this approach and treating your wheels and tires as a single moving part you are sure to end up with the look, feel and driving manners you want for your car, truck or SUV without making costly mistakes that can quickly lighten your wallet. And, just as importantly, you can depend on the continued support of a local professional who can help you keep rolling smoothly for years to come.

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