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by the way, 106 St Tire & Wheel at 79-20 Queens Blvd has always recharged and serviced auto air conditioning, what's new is this:

106 St Tire & Wheel, an icon at 106-01 Northern Blvd, 718-446-6769 is open all the time, we are closed one day a year, Christmas, and we are delighted to add another service to this our main location.

106 St Tire's main location offers wheel alignment 24 hours, wheel repair (depending on the damage) 24 hours, welding 24 hours, oil change and free tire rotation 24 hours, new tires, used tires, FREE: 47 point safety check, brake inspection, tire pressure check, tire safety inspection, free compressed air and now we are annoucing that our iconic location on the corner of 106 St and Northern Blvd will be doing air conditioning recharge and service.

Call us any time 718-446-6769


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