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Detail Your Ride Like a ProDetail Your Ride Like a Pro


Detailing Your Car Like a Pro - part 2

Okay, so you know this is not just about cleaning the outside with a bucket a hose, right?

We did say like a here you go with deep cleaning areas you probably never thought of!

Got a small air compressor? It's THE WAY to successfully blow dust and dirt out of the vents from your heater and air-conditioning system. Aim the high-pressure air at the walls of the ducts behind grills, vents, etc. Dirt and grime stick to the walls of the vet system and can leave you car smelling musty. Change your cabin air filter if you have the least blow the dirt and dust out of it. We hope that a clean smelling car is not one of those Christmas tree looking air fresheners that hang from your rear view mirror.

Continue to use the compressor to blow leaves, wrappers, whatever from the nooks and crannies of your vehicle's floor onto the middle of the carpet. That's where it will be easier to vacuum it up. Stiff brushes also loosen dirt from the carpets and upholstery, do this before you vacuum, of course.

If you've got leather seats, use a good conditioner with aloe.


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