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Don’t Trash Those Damaged Wheels


Bam!! You hit a curb, railroad track or a pothole and blew a tire. Even after replacing the tire and balancing the wheel, your car still doesn't feel quite right...a slight shimmy, a vibration or maybe a more-pronounced shake.

Chances are you damaged the rim. If you've been pricing wheels anytime recently, you know that it's easy to spend between $400 and $1000 for a replacement. Why go to that expense if your damaged wheel is repairable? At 106 St Tire & Wheel, we offer a full range of comprehensive wheel repair:

  • Re-true a warped or bent wheel with a specialized straightening machine, bringing it back to balance and trueness again quickly
  • Repair the damage that comes from being scuffed along the curb too many times
  • A ding along the rim from a hard impact isn't a problem – you'd be amazed to see what kind of dent and ding damage is actually repairable, to a point where you can't tell it was ever damaged at all.
  • Computerized color matching can provide a perfect fit for your car's looks and the other wheels

It's tough out there on the streets in Queens, NY. It's easy to end up with damaged rims from impacts and road hazards. If not corrected, the vibrations from them can destroy your tires and cause real headaches with your suspension and steering. Don't needlessly spend money on a replacement wheel if yours can be repaired – schedule an appointment at 106 St Tire & Wheel in Queens, NY for comprehensive wheel repair.


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