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Driver & Fertility Safety Tips

Yep, we said fertility! More about that on the bottom of this article!

Holidaytime...its Christmas time in the city, feel the chaos? See the traffic jams? Parking pandemonium?
Here's a few hints to make the season a bit safer in more ways than one. It goes without saying: DO NOT DRINK, DRUG AND DRIVE! Right?

So we're having a little fun here today but safety is no laughing matter. 106 St Tire & Wheels is pointing out some important information here that may not be in your memory bank......yet.

Here's a few other things you might need to know:

Eliminate Distractions
Truthfully, our eyes tend to follow where our hands go. FACT: Adjusting your radio dial takes 5.5 seconds. Guess what! That's 5.5 seconds that you are NOT watching the road! If you dial your phone while driving, that single act triples your risk of a car crash. Reach for a moving object and that increases the possibility of a crash by 9 TIMES! Texting while driving? Well, first, it's against the law. We all pray the cops catch you because, guess what? You are 23 times more likely to crash and that puts all of us at risk.

Urgent conversation needed? Pull the hell over and talk! Don't Multitask Behind the Wheel!

Turn Your Lights On
A Canadian study conducted a decade plus ago found that drivers who drive and use their headlights during day time hours have nearly a 15 percent DECREASED risk of being in an accident with another vehicle.

Rainproof Your Windshield

Wiper manufacturers recommend replacing your wiper blades every 3 months. Make it easy by keeping a spare set in your trunk. There are products specially made to assist you in keeping your windshield clear and therefore making less work of your wipers. Spray this kind of product onto your windshield glass (exterior of course) every few weeks. Light rain, sometimes the most challenging rain, will benefit the most by making the wipers almost unnecessary.

Lower Your Seat
Here's an interesting phenomenon: drivers who sit higher get the sensation they are driving slower. SUV drivers are driving vehicles most prone to roll and many drive faster because they feel like they're driving too slow. This is a sensation and nothing more, however, lower your seat to get the sensation of more speed to make you feel more comfortable.

Avoid the Hot Seat
Ho Ho Ho....want to be a dad one day? Let's not have the chest-NUTS roasting on an "open fire?" Do not turn up your heated car seats this winter. There's scientific proof that when a healthy man sat in a temperature-controlled seat for 90 minutes, their testicle temperature jumped as high as 99 degrees and just that alone can affect your ability to produce sperm and perhaps father a child. "Great Balls of Fire" is a Jerry Lee Lewis song and nothing more, fellas!


Safety First