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Earth Day April 22, 2014, 106 St Tire invites everyone to participate with us

Earth Day 2014: April 22nd

Earth Day is a day to take seriously for as we know climate change is real...especially after this winter, right? As drivers and, as a business dedicating itself to driver safety, 106 St Tire & Wheel takes this one step further.

GREEN HOUSE GASES are poison to our planet, our kids, our seniors and to all of us. They are the by product of burning fossil fuels like GASOLINE.

In the hot weather we all can see the air quality change....its visual and it's something we can feel in the air. It's harder to breathe, sit in traffic and the pollution can almost choke you.

It's been established that there are more air pollution related illness in our kids...namely asthma, allergies, breathing issues and it's the same for adults and especially seniors. We have all heard the warning in the summer for seniors to remain indoors not only because of the heat and humidity but also air pollution sky rockets as the green house gases cannot escape and they sit on busy thoroughfares and just choke all of us.


=remember your kid's health is ultimately up to you as is that of your parents

=check tire pressure! Why? Poorly inflated tires burn more gas which pollutes the air and decease your and everyone's safety as improper inflation causes accidents. All 106 St Tire & Wheel shops will do it FREE and also give you FREE compressed air.

=always always safety first and 106 St Tire locations will help you with this by giving you FREE brake inspections, free tire inspections, free compressed air, we will test the tire inflation.

A healthier planet is up to all of us as is the health and welfare of our families.

Take a moment of your time in April and stop by one of our locations and we will help uou be a good citizen of the spaceship Earth.

Thank you,

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