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Emergency Winter Roadside Kit; YOU NEED ONE! (part I)

Winter Emergency Roadside Kit; YOU NEED ONE!

Traveling in unpredictable winter weather can be more dangerous the unpredicatability of unexpected snow and ice storms that reduce visibility and makes roads slippery and impassable. Nowadays with "climate change" or whatever we are calling it, safety becomes even more important.

It's important to be prepared in the event of a car accident or being stranded due to bad weather. We've put together some pointers on how assemble an emergency roadside kit for winter so you're always prepared in case of a winter driving emergency.

Be a Boy or Girl Scout and BE PREPARED!

This is Part I of 106 St Tire & Wheel tips for being safer in your car, on the roads, etc this winter:
(part 2 tomorrow!)

106 St Tire & Wheels Tip #1: Store what Y-O-U need all together:

1) Pack and store everything together in your vehicle.After all if this is an emergency kit and in an emergency situation you probably won't have the time to look for things you need immediately!

2) A large plastic tub with a cover is perfect. After its packed, place it on your backseat on the floor in the back or in your trunk and remember 106 St Tire & Wheel advises you to clean our your trunk because weight on the back tires makes them wear out quicker, hurts your suspension and also costs you in gas mileage everyday of the year. Fluids like water, anti-freeze,etc weighs about 9 lbs a gallon, full size spare, while recommended, weighs a considerable amt depending on your tire size. Also, a duffle bag could work as well and perhaps take up much less room in your back seat and then you won't have to get out of your car if conditions are bad. Try not to get wet!

3) City driving vs country driving. While it's unlikely you will need this kind of a kit in NYC, hopefully, however, if you are on a country road faced with a blizzard and a few feet of snow, better be safe than sorry. It could take hours or days for emergencies services to reach you. Meanwhile, you need to be hydrated, warm,, comfortable, right?

106 St Tire & Wheels #2 Tip: Start with a first aid kit

1) Start with a first aid kit Start with a first aid kit

1) A first aid kit is critical in a roadside emergency kit: Readymade kits are available if you prefer however homemade ones maybe more appropriate for you. For example, do you take daily medications? Are you diabetic? Do you have high blood pressure? To be on the safe side, pack a 7 day supply just in case. We know what we plan for hardly ever happens so lets' prepare cautiously for events that are probably not going to happen and be ready in case they do! You can certainly purchase a ready-made first aid kit that include many important supplies, or assemble your own as well.

2) Your winter roadside emergency supply kit should include: Band-aids, bandages, gauze, tape, burn ointment, tweezers, scissors, antiseptic solution, ibuprofen, butterfly closures, alcohol, and vinyl or latex gloves. And don't forget prescription medications you require on a day to day basis. Of course, replace them and other perishable items frequently.

106 St Tire & Wheels #3: Take a well-stocked tool kit

1) Include a portable tool kit in your car for any roadside repairs. Now it's unlikely that the ladies will have a need they can apply for this however some Good Samaritan could stop to help and then not have tools. It's best to have a tool kit that includes a hammer, carjack, duct tape screwdriver, vice grips, wrench, and jumper cables. Also carry a small folding knife that can be used for cutting duct tape to do repairs or for cutting clothing off to treat injuries, if needed. (to be continued tomorrow)


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