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Everything you should know about wheel repair (Part 2)

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This is part two of our series on wheel repair. Click here for part one.

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Is it possible to repair wheels that are not fixed to the car?

Most wheel repairers don't have a problem accepting off-the-vehicle wheels, with or without tires. Whatever the case, it is important to book for such wheel beforehand, especially if you want a quick turnaround

Can split rims be repaired?

Generally, there are 2 types of rim wheel splits. The first one is known as a 3-piece rim split and it can be refurbished or repaired by first breaking down the 3 sections. The 2nd type of rim wheel split is known as a cosmetic split and its repairing process varies accordingly. All in all, a good wheel repairer should be able to deal with both types of rim splits without much difficulty. In addition to that, split rims edges can still be re-polished or re-coated without necessarily being broken down.

Is it possible to re-chrome chromed alloys?

Unfortunately, it is nor possible to re-chrome alloys due to some legislations regarding the chemical and adhesion processes. However, it is possible to re-finish and to powder-coat alloys that are either tarnished or scuffed. Once again, a highly qualified wheel repairer would be in a position to advice you accordingly when it comes to repairing chrome alloys.


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