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FAQ About Bridgestone Blizzak for a Safer Winter

Winter...we love the snow, um, right? Well, maybe not if we have to drive on slippery roads, park, dig out our cars and be mobile in NYC.

But, Bridgestone Blizzaks can help big time.

What do experienced tire people say about the Blizzak experience?

Blizzaks have been tested, retested and tested again. There's no doubt about their ability to function in the snow and ice. They increase stopping ability, prevent sliding and skidding better than any other tire on the market. 106 St Tire & Wheel has them and we sell them with pride knowing Bridgestone's reputation and Blizzaks history and they have been around since 1993.

How Long Will Bridgestone Blizzak Winter / Snow Tires Last?

The Blizzak WS-tires' Multicell tread compound comprises the top more than one-half of the tire tread of the tires' tread depth (55% actually). A standard winter tread composite comprises the remaining 45 percent of the tire. When the tire wears down to about 50% Blizzak are no longer having that 55% of snow safety tread meet the road.

Experienced users of Blizzak state that the tires are at their best for snow or winter driving when they have the above percentages operative. Typically that equals about 12,000-15,000 miles before the critical Multicell tread compound wears out. But, that's the best and safest drive you can get and that really "safe time" lasts approximately 3 to 4 winter driving seasons.

Please do not reinstall once that 55% of tire tread has worn off. Pay attention to the tread depth indicators before the start of the winter season.

Can I use Blizzak tires all year?

Like any other winter or specifically snow tire to maximize their life, you should only use winter snow tires in winter. The season to use Bridgestone Blizzaks is approximately late November to late March depending of course on where you live and the extent of winter driving conditions. Remember, logically, snow / winter tires don't wear in the snow, they only do when there isn't any snow and the tires are on pavement more than snow!

How's handling on wet or snowy roads?

All winter / snow tires including Blizzak need a break-in period of a few hundred miles. These miles wear away the mold release applied during their manufacturing. Blizzak, with its extra deep tread, provide an enhanced deep snow traction and longer wear. The caveat? Blizzak winter / snow tires are not as responsive. They will not handle like standard passenger or performance tires, they will provide acceptable traction and predictable handling.

However, if you need or prefer a better handling and more responsive tire and higher speed capabilities are desired, the Blizzak LM-series tires is a great tire that enhance handling, but they can not replicate the ice and snow traction of Blizzak WS series tires.

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