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is your favorite word "free?" 106 ST Tire's favorite word is "safety" so here's what we are doing about it

106 ST Tire is synonymous with safety and we've made a commitment to our friends, neighbors and customers in Queens and Brooklyn. 106 St Tire & Wheel locations offer many free serviced to improve safety on the roads while you are behind the wheel. We have a vested interest. Our kids and your kids play out side, they ride their bikes on the sidewalks, cross at lights, drive in the streets some times (though we wish they did not!) and all of us drive on the same highways here on Long Island.

In order to do what we can to make driving safer, the air better, gas mileage as good as we can get it, 106 St Tire and Wheel has been on a campaign to help by offering free services to reduce emissions, save gas, do free system inspections that help make your drive more safe and your kids and our kids as safe as they can be here in Queens and Brooklyn.

So here's what 106 St Tire & Wheel does to increase safety on the streets on Long Island to ensure our customers have the advantage of driving safer cars:

1) 106 St Tire offers a free 47 point safety inspection of your car all the time
2) we offer free tire inspections all the time
3) 106 St Tire & Wheel offers free tire pressure checks; improperly inflated tires cause accidents and jeopardize lives.
4) we offer free compressed air all the time
5) 106 St Tire was the first tire and wheel business on Long Island to offer nitrogen fill which is safer because it keeps tire pressure at a proper pressure longer than compressed air
6) 106 St Tire offers free brake inspections all the time
7) 106 St Tire & Wheel offers a FREE wheel alignment and FREE nitrogen fill with the purchase of any 4 tires or used tires to make sure your drive is as safe as it can be.
8) 106 St made a commitment to help make the air in Queens healthier by doing many of the things mentioned's simple, improve tire pressure, keep it
where it needs to be, burn less gas and keep our city's greenhouse emissions lower.

A healthier air quality benefits us all so it's a lot bigger than just having safer's about cleaner air for our kids, our children and the earth.

Clearly, 106 St Tire & Wheel partners with our customers to make sure our very loyal customers are as safe as we can make them...we live in Queens too and we want to remind our customers that a changer, safer, healthier NY is up to us all.



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