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Its almost wheel season...ALMOST...106 ST Tire will be ready when ever spring gets here

106 St Tire & Wheel represents the best wheel brands in the world and we're dreaming of a snowless spring and working with customers to create great hot wheel looks with beautiful wheel designs on our customers cars. 106 St Tire is Queens and Brooklyn's headquarters for alloy and steel wheels (we also repair all wheels some times while you wait 24 hours a day at our main location open all the time 106-01 Northern Blvd 718-446-6769, welding, bent wheel repair, TPMS resets and replacement if you happen to hit a pot hole).

106 St has a great video, 28 seconds of incredible wheel jobs, take a look and start thinking about Konig, Maxxim, TSW, MHT, Vossen, Velocity, D2 Forged, Concept One, Vellano, Savini and more, plus, we have our own resident wheel wizard, the famous Miguel who can put together a dynamite wheel and tire package at a very impressive price. Reach him at 718-446-6769, come on it when you think you know what you want, take a look at our showroom and even use our wheel configurator right here on our site to try on wheels virtually.

Meanwhile, here's our exciting wheel video, fasten your seat belts!


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