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No Snow? Not Out of the Woods, Folks


So...where's the snow?

No snow SO FAR is no guarantee we won't have the usual January and February weather challenges. And 106 St Tire & Wheels is certainly not advocating you buy snow tires just in case. All weather tires can work fine.

But, here's the deal...tire tread must be at a safe depth and our 106 St Tire & Wheel locations will check your tire tread for free!

Drivers need to be really careful about tire tread getting too low because it's dangerous and the danger increases when the weather gets ugly. Once you can touch the wear bar on your tire at any point on that tire then the tread is too low and it becomes dangerous.

If the edges of your tires are worn down that means your alignment is probably off and you should seriously consider new tires and 106 St Tire locations have used tires that will do fine and are very affordable. You can test your own tires but why bother when this is a free no obligation service at all of our locations.

But, if you want to give it a try, here's how to test the tread on your car, take a penny and place it head down in the tread of your tire. If the head is all the way covered then you have more than 2/32nd's of tread depth left on your tire which is the minimum amount needed to pass safety inspection. You can also test it with a quarter by placing it head down on the tread bar. If Washington's head is covered by the tread then you have more than 4/32nd's of tread depth which is where it needs to be.


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