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Part 2: Winter Safety Car Kits; What You Need


Emergency Winter Roadside Kit; YOU NEED ONE! (part 2)

Stay warm

1) Keeping your body temperature regulated and avoidance hypothermia in a winter emergency is crucial. Please keep your clean cloth items in plastic bags to make sure they stay dry. Pack extra pairs of gloves and socks along with an extra hat and/or a facemask to keep you as warm as possible so you can change if yours get wet while changing a tire. Also, a second pair of insulated shoes or boots are important as extremities need extra warmth and if one pair gets wet.

2) Store at least two blankets in your kit or in your trunk. Include chemical hand warmers and a mylar blanket which looks like a thin piece of aluminum foil, but works with your body heat to keep your temperature consistent. Wool blankets are warmer than acrylic and don't skimp on the size. You will need this to keep your entire body warm and comfortable.

5: Include flashlights

1) Your emergency kit should include several flashlights as well as plenty of batteries to help you see after dark and also to help you be seen and flag down passing cars or police. Pack plenty of batteries for the flashlights and keep them in their original packaging so they stay dry.

2) Don't use candles.

6: 106 St Tire & Wheels Wants You to Take Care for Your Car...

don't chance breaking down in Winter!

1) Caring for your car starts before any incident like being stranded in a winter storm. Have your battery checked now! Have your heater hoses checked now! Your radiator checked now! Have your tires and brakes checked now! Have your all lights checked now! Check your anti-freeze now and make sure its good to go in weather where temperatures reach minus degrees! Have your wind-shield wipers and wiper fluid (do not use water, use wind shield wiper fluid that's good for de-icing to below zero temperatures) now....get everything checked or replaced before winter! 106 St Tire & Wheel can help, come on in ASAP, safety inspections are FREE at all our locations. Call us for an appointment 718-446-6769 24/7 at 106-01 Northern Blvd and 105-08 Northern Blvd and we are open 24 hours everyday except Christmas but including all other holidays.

2) Pack flares and reflective hazard triangles to place around your car and keep it visible to other motorists during a snowstorm. These help police or tow truck drivers with better visibility so perhaps they can you sooner and better in a storm.

7: Stock nonperishable food and water

1) Keep plenty of bottled water and nonperishable, nutritious food items, like energy or protein bars, nuts, peanut butter, small boxes of juices, and whatever you like in your kit to keep you hydrated in case you have to wait a long time for help or better weather. Check expiration dates periodically and replace these items as needed.

2) Think ahead and keep your food consumption paced with how bad conditions are and be realistic.

8: Be prepared for winter weather

1) Keep a folding snow shovel, antifreeze that keeps your car safe down to -32 degrees and an ice scraper in your kit in case you need to dig your car out of a ditch or snow bank or some other condition.

2) A box or bag of non-scoopable cat litter (it's more coarse that scoopable litter) may help you get traction in poor conditions. If you have a front wheel drive use the cat litter under the front wheels or in a rear wheel drive car use this under the back wheels. Behind the tires if backing up, in front of the tires if going forward and placed specifically at the front or back depending on the above.

9: Other items you may need

1) Have a white or colored cloth or scarf to tie to your driver's side mirror or whatever mirror faces the road so safety crews will know you need help.

2) Have a long rope so you can tie the end to your car if you need to get out and take a walk seeking help. The rope is critical because you can tie one end to your vehicle and the end around your waist so that you can't lose your way if the snow is so heavy you cannot see.

3) Have your gas tank full in the winter time ALL THE TIME...running out of gas is dangerous! Hear about an approaching storm? FILL YOUR TANK IMMEDIATELY.

4) Got a cell phone charger for your car? Good item to have! Got a Smart Phone? Keep your GPS on so you can be found.

5) VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: Immediately after there is heavy snow, slippery roads, ice, and you have to pull over because of it, use your cell phone immediately. Call your family and friends and tell them where you are. Post to Facebook exactly where you are what road, what exit, what your situation is, call 911 and do likewise. Let your peeps know where you are and ask for help....don't call one, call several, have an ICE number (In Case of Emergency) stored in your phone in case you're hurt, a special person can be notified by police or doctors.


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