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Pros and cons of using Nitrogen to inflate your tires (Part 1)

Pros and cons of using Nitrogen to inflate your tires (Part 1)

Nitrogen has recently emerged as an ideal alternative for inflation of tires. As many drivers are switching from traditional air inflation, it is important to know exactly what gives nitrogen the edge over compressed air inflation and what this could mean for you.

Using Nitrogen to keep your tires inflated

· You may wonder what the difference is filling with nitrogen since it already makes up about 78% of the air. Despite nitrogen being the main component of atmospheric air, it still contains oxygen and the noble gases. The noble gases are not really an issue here, but rather it is the lack of oxygen.


· Compressed air not only contains oxygen and other gases but also significantly contributes to the formation of moisture in the tire. Compressed nitrogen is often pure as it has been stripped of all the other atmospheric components.

· Oxygen molecules are smaller than nitrogen molecules and therefore leak from the tire walls more easily.

Nitrogen in the tire

· Nitrogen, unlike oxygen, is non-reactive. In a way, this makes it a great medium for tire inflation because the only use for air in tires is to create pressure.

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