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Quick Tip: Renting a Car...Instant Acclamation!


Renting a car for holiday travel?

It's advisable to spend about 15 minutes plus acquainting ourselves with the features in the new car we just stepped into. But, that's easier said than done when you have the pressure of stepping behind the wheel of a brand new car, have to quickly acclimate yourself, start it and keep the line of existing drivers and cars moving out of the rental car's garage or parking lot. You may feel pressured because of the line behind you.

After exiting, just pull over and do a quick study until you feel comfortable. Here's a hint about gassing up which you will need to do sooner rather than later if you don't want to pay the rental company's gas price:

Your rented vehicle's fuel gauge tells you which side your gas tank is on in the new cars.Vehicle manufacturers use what has been called a "secret triangle" to show you where your tank is....see below.

Next time you hop in a rented car, look on your car's fuel indicator for this small arrow beside the gas pump icon. This is an easy way to show drivers which side to pull up to the pump.


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