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Nitrogen fill, A Space Age Marvel...ask Jay Leno

106 St. Tire & Wheel is one of the few tire dealers in Queens, NY offering nitrogen fill and it was the very first tire shop in this part of NYC to introduce this incredible, environmentally friendly technology to our borough many years ago. 106 St Tire & Wheel, concerned with the environment here in Queens where the staff, ownership and management live along with 8 million other residents, was inspired by TV's Jay Leno, national spokesman for nitrogen fill, and both his interest in the topic as well as his video explaining the benefits of nitrogen fill to drivers in the United States. (see below)

The owners, staff and management of 106 St Tire, all lifelong residents of Queens and operating 5 tire shops in our borough while raising our families here. And like most drivers, business owners and parents today, we are concerned not only with escalating operating costs of owning a car but also environmental issues, as well, especially, climate change.

We're pointing out that under-inflated tires are a huge issue and this factor alone is responsible for most tire related accidents. In America each year, there are over 10,000 of these types of accidents occurring resulting in many fatalities, scores of serious and disabling injuries, property damage, increased insurance premiums, absenteeism and lost wages. Given the above, one can understand why 106 St Tire and Wheel gives all of our customers who buy 4 new tires free nitrogen fill upon installation of their new tires as well as one year of free nitrogen tire refills. More information on TPMS and federal regulations? Click here

Also, under-inflated tires cause gas mileage to plummet costing more at the pump which is especially significant for businesses with fleets or delivery well as families living on a tight budget. By burning more fuel, tons of pollutants are pouring into our atmosphere and contributing to the sky-rocketing numbers of those suffering from breathing issues. These issues especially affect aging members of our families and our kids as well as yours because there are startlingly increasingly numbers of children suffering from asthma.

Add hot weather, greenhouse gases, air pollution, heavy traffic and emissions to this equation, etc and you will understand why media advises us to keep seniors and kids indoors when the weather gets hot. On a hot day, take a look at the sky and see the results of pollution. Scary, right? We're all breathing that dense smog in.

But, all of us can help, too, by keeping our tire pressure at the manufacturer's recommended level which can be seen on the metal plate on the door jam on the driver's side door of your car. What's more, our locations at 106-01 Northern Blvd (open 24 hours), Corona, and our Napa Car Care Center at 105-08 Northern Blvd (also open 24 hours) call us anytime at 718-446-6769, 118-02 Merrick Blvd, Jamaica, open 7 days, 45-13 108 St, Corona / Forest Hills open 7 days and 79-20 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst, open 7 days, will check your tire pressure FREE, 106 St Tire will fill your tires with compressed air FREE, we will inspect your tires FREE.

106 St Tire & Wheel is very proud to take our community obligations seriously and we strive to serve and educate not only Elmhurst, Corona, Astoria, Jamaica, Forest Hills, Jackson Heights, etc but in all of Queens, Long Island and NYC not only about our great auto services, brand name tires, our terrific prices but also providing free information to save our customers money, educate everyone about technology to increase safety, improve wellness and lead the way to a better tomorrow.

While nitrogen fill seems new, it's not!!!! It's been used by NASCAR, in airplane tires including Air Force One and NASA space shuttle tires for more than a decade. By utilizing nitrogen fill in businesses that maintain fleets of vehicles, the savings can be between 3-10% per tank full of gas times the number of vehicles you maintain!

Own a single car? Using nitrogen fill can mean saving of three to ten percent savings over the span of a year adds up. Couldn't you use a a few extra bucks in your pocket and less pollution in the air your kids breathe? Here's more details: /services

The take away?

Because the nitrogen molecule is more stable and larger than that of oxygen, nitrogen fill lasts longer; it takes longer for it to escape through the porous rubber tire. The result is nitrogen:

  • increases safety (under-inflating tires is the number one cause of tire related accidents resulting in injuries, lost wages, fatalities, etc.)
  • saves gas, money & helps the environment
  • diminishes tire wear therefore extending the life of tires
  • improves the handling of vehicles
  • maintains proper tire inflation 3-4 times longer; it's stability provides more consistent and constant tire pressure therefore reducing maintenance
  • minimizes blowouts
  • it's an stable, non-flammable & non-combustible gas diminishing the possibility of fire after a collision
  • it's a dry gas with no corrosive properties like those found in ordinary gas station compressed air

Queens 106 St Tire & Wheel, a 2nd generation family business, feels that being progressive is crucial for our family, your family and all of our neighbors not to mention our precious planet and its environment. 106 St Tire & Wheel believes what's good for Queens, NYC, Long Island is good for all of us, especially, our kids so we all need to think very seriously about the environment.

At 106 St. Tire we say, ‘Think green; think tomorrow' and, as business owners, we have a responsibility to set an example and lead the way. Thank you.

Jay Leno, a life long car enthusiast and national spokesman for nitrogen fill can tell you more at

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