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Steering and Suspension Maintenance (Part 1)

Steering and suspension systems ensure balance and stability in your car so you and your passengers have a safe and comfortable ride. Your wheels should always firmly grip the road and preventing the car from skidding.

Improvements in steering and suspension systems, together with advanced tire designs and construction, have led to great safety and comfort in riding. However, this does not mean that regular inspection and maintenance is unnecessary.

Steering systems

There are two fundamental types of steering systems: standard mechanical and rack & pinion steering. Standard mechanical systems may or may not be power assisted but the rack & pinion system is always power assisted. Rack & pinion steering combines the steering box and center link into one unit allowing more precision. It makes steering more responsive because of the way it reduces the number of pivotal points.

Suspension systems

A car's suspension system uses shock absorbers and linkages to connect to the wheels. A suspension system keeps the car's wheels in firm contact with the road and provides a comfortable ride for the passengers by protecting them from road noise, bumps and uneven terrain. Apart from the shock absorbers, the system is mainly composed of springs and steering gear that balance the body of the car by compressing and rebounding every up and down movement

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