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The Advantages of a Real Spare Tire...

Spare tire

Full-Size Spare Tires...

Spare tires are a thing of the past, however, if you have room in your trunk, a full-size spare is really worth it. We are not speaking about those small "donuts" just to ride on until you are off the highway and find a service center that will give you a good price on a new one or a used one. Places like 106 St Tire & Wheel don't exist everywhere let alone ones that are open on holidays and all night like we are.

We are speaking about a full-size tire on a real metal rim. Yes, they are heavy.... yes, they are a thing of the past....yes, the weight helps you reduce gasoline efficiency but...

One advantage is that if you are traveling, you can slap on the real spare and you can keep going without paying higher tire dealer prices somewhere along your journey. You will save money and not sacrifice safety or time. If you do lots of driving, this is a low cost option; a used wheel and a used tire are very affordable. Donut type spares are really not safe to be driving on for long. If you had a real full size spare you could go on your merry way providing you maintained that tire with pressure checks, etc. Its one thing to stop to add compressed air and another to buy a tire, wait for the install, etc.

If you have a new car, you probably have neither a spare tire nor a donut but rather some compressor like thing and a can of anyone of the brands of "tire fix it" and the advice to get it fixed professionally and immediately.

We've spoken about this before: only you can decide what's the right option for you under your unique driving conditions, like where you go, when you do most of your driving, what kind of weather you drive in, how many miles you put on, are the roads highways, back roads, is time critical, etc.

If you think this quick posting has merit for you, one of our mechanics will help you get the best option for you considering all of the above and we will get you the best price on a used wheel, a used tire worn to the approximate wear of your other 4 tires you ride on every day.

Additionally, right now we give you this really important professional advice: keep your air pressure stable in your spare. Make that spare a part of your tire rotations so all your tires wear evenly and always check the tire pressure in keeping with your vehicle's owner's manual standards like the other 4 tires.

This is just an option for drivers who fit the criteria above and its a very valid one given safety first as a flat tire involves your personal safety and the safety of one of the most necessary parts of life...your car. Think about it! It might be just what you need to make your life safer and simpler.


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