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The Importance of Comprehensive Engine Diagnostics (Part 1)

Engine Diagnostics

The Importance of Comprehensive Engine Diagnostics (Part 1)

The engine is easily the most important, yet sensitive part of your car, and needs thorough inspection. Diagnosing possible problems with your car engine can go a long way in avoiding accidents and damage.

Have your car serviced regularly, especially before and after a long journey. After all, engine components eventually wear out and fluids get used up after time. While you can conduct some diagnostics yourself, it is better to let an expert mechanic do a comprehensive systems check for you.


Simple DIY diagnostics

Before starting the engine, it is prudent to ensure that the car is in proper working condition. You'll need to change the oil to allow a proper systems check. Some manufacturers recommend a longer interval between oil changes, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Get ready to get your hands dirty as you get ready to go under the vehicle; you can wear a coverall or old clothes. Using a jack or a car ramp to create adequate space between the car and the ground, place an oil collection container under the engine and undo the bolt.

Take a look at the spark plugs, check fluid levels, flush the radiator, inspect the battery, and look at the oil filters. We recommend having one of our well-qualified mechanics six any issue you may be having with your vehicle.


Common symptoms and what they mean

A number of signs can tell you when your engine needs servicing and repair. While you may not know the cause or remedy for a certain problem, visiting a mechanic will definitely keep you out of trouble.

Smoking is usually one of the most common signs of a problem. Blue smoke may mean that oil is being burned together with fuel. On the other hand, white smoke means that water has mixed with fuel. You will experience this if you did not add enough coolant and when the engine is overheating.

When you start the car, a number of signal lights on the dashboard go on. This means that the component that it represents is in great shape. However, if a light fails to go off, or flashes on and off repeatedly, you may have some engine trouble.

If this happens, come to any of our locations and report the problem. It might be a fault with the oil pressure, fluid level and fuel level among other things. Our mechanics will hook the engine to a diagnostics tool, check the problem, and repair it.

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