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The Importance of Replacing the Air Filters in Your Car (Part 1)

The Importance of Replacing the Air Filters in Your Car

Everyone knows how important car maintenance and oil changes are to vehicle performance. However, most people do not know the significant of replacing the air filters. You may be shocked to know the benefits your air filter brings and how it prevents engine problems from occurring. This small unit plays an important role in improving air quality. And for the filters to work properly, you need to take good care of them.

According to various studies, exposure of passengers inside a vehicle to dangerous air pollutants is higher than that of pedestrians, bicyclists, and other public transfer riders. Increased exposure to pollutants can bring health problems. The pollutants can also irritate the nose, eyes, and respiratory systems.

Your car engine relies on clean air in order to run efficiently and smoothly. The engine needs a certain ratio of fuel and air to run well. All the air that enters the engine must pass through a filter. This will prevent dirt particles from entering the engine causing serious damages. By inspecting, cleaning or replacing your air filter regularly, you will ensure that your car is receiving clean air to run well.

A car air filter is a simple piece of equipment that is very important. It is made up of fibrous material that is folded in a certain style and attached to plastic or metal frame. It is enclosed in a black plastic casing near the center top of the car engine. The only way you can ensure that your car engine is receiving clean air is by inspecting, cleaning, and replacing the filter regularly. Air filters come in two main types namely panel style and radial style. Panel style is used on most fuel injected vehicles, and radial style is normally used on carbureted vehicles.

The filter helps to trap dirt particles to avoid damages to your engine walls, pistons, piston rings, and engine cylinders. When you change your car's filters often, you will notice a significant impact on your car engine performance. It will also affect engine life. You are recommended to change the filters once or twice a year depending on your car's job. Replacing a blocked air filter has numerous effects on your car engine that include economic fuel benefit of up 10%, thus allowing you to save on gas. Dirty and dusty driving conditions mean you will need numerous frequent filter replacements. You are also advised to avoid using the wrong size filter of your vehicle.

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