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The Importance of Windshield Wiper Blade Replacements (Part 1)

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The Importance of Windshield Wiper Blade Replacements (Part 1)

It's not just about the engine or the tires, but every little moving part that makes the car perform at its absolute best. For this to happen, it needs care, it needs you. Your windshield is one of the underrated components of your car, a component that's responsible for your visibility and also, your general safety while driving. Let's take a look at the various reasons why replacing your windshield wiper blade replacement is so important.

Safety is first and foremost

A large percentage of accidents happen because of compromised visibility. What can cause this? Usually it's dirty or cracked windshields. Dirt is obvious; it sticks to the surface and directly compromises your visibility.

That's not all dirt does, either. The dirt on your windshield can actually weaken its structural integrity over time, making a possible cracking episode – no, we are not talking about Game of Thrones – much more likely. See, cracked windshields aren't just ugly, they are extremely dangerous as they can distort your view.

Your windshield has many enemies, such as ozone, dust, bugs, or the biggest culprits – rain, steam, ice and snow. If you are using your car a lot, chances are that you windshield needs all the help it can get. A replacement blade therefore, is one of the most important safety precautions you can take. When your windshield is clean and your visibility is clear, your car will be a safer environment.

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A Catch-22 situation

The problem is that windshield wipers have a tendency of deteriorating quicker when met with gritty materials. When do they meet with gritty materials? Well, certainly when they cannot do their job properly in the first place. This is almost like a runaway effect that will significantly decrease the durability of your wiper blades. So in order to enjoy one for the longest possible time, you really need to buy a quality windshield wiper that comes from quality materials – one that's effective in the first place and will stay that way for longer periods of time. You will need to replace it after a while, but it obviously matters if that time is six, seven, or nine months instead of the likely three or four you'd get out of a bad one.

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