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Tire Pressure Monitoring System ...New TPMS Rules Starting Soon but 106 St Tire Has You Covered!

TPMS light

In 2007, the federal government mandated the use of TPMS sensors in newly manufactured cars. What are they? They are your “tire pressure monitoring system” keeps you informed about the pressure in each of your tires. Tire pressure is crucial for a safer ride as each year, tire pressure failure results in over 10,000 deaths or injuries, millions in damages and property damage as well as time lost at work.

In this closed system, TPMS works via batteries and the tire industry is warning us that between 5 and 7 years after you purchase your new car with TPMS, the batteries are going to die. Shortly, TPMS checks will be included in yearly NYS Inspections....very shortly like January 1st 2016. Battery(s) doesn't work? Failed inspections.

Just like everything in the tire and wheel business, 106 St Tire wants you to know that we are already prepared to repair, reset and replace any component in your TPMS system including replace batteries. No sense going to your will pay a high price for what 106 St Tire techs are already an expert in and, as always, Queens 106 St Tire & Wheel strives to keep costs down since we are your community resource in the tire and wheel business always doing our best to be an information hub and supplying our customers with great service at customer friendly prices.

TPMS sensor issues will affect some 75 million TPMS equipped cars utilizing 300 million installed sensors and the numbers of battery failures will be accelerating over the next few years.

In NYS, as of January 1st, 2016, if your tire monitoring system dashboard lights are not properly working, your car will fail NYS Inspection

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to answer your questions, check your batteries, inspect your vehicles, repair, reset, replace your TPMS sensors...and more

Please call us 24/7 at 718-446-6769 or write us at [email protected]

106 St Tire & Wheel stores in Queens (maps, locations, numbers etc) will be making appointments to replace your sensors to keep our treasured customers safe and compliant with the new laws.

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