NYC's Premier Tire Dealer


Tires, tires, tires...famous make tires and used tires at the best prices in NYC

new tires?

used tires?

106 St Tire & Wheel has the best deals in the tristate area. WHY?
Our buying power and our community spirit makes of conscious
of how to do business in NYC, Brooklyn & Queens, we have
something for everyone!

On a budget? 106 St Tire sells double safety inspected used tires
at a fraction of the cost of new tires. And when you buy 4 used
tires you get everyone of the benefits that 106 St Tire offers FREE
with purchase of new tires!

Purchase of 4 used tires at 106 St Tire & Wheel locations
gives customers:

1) free mounting
2) free balancing
3) free valves if needed
4) free wheel alignment
5) free nitrogen fill for a year
6) free tire rotations for the live of your used tires

..and take a look at our tires page to see the brands we represent and

that listing does NOT cover all the brands we sell.

Call Pep Boys or Sears or both and let them tell you how much they charge for everything we mention above that 106 St Tire will give you free
and then you'll understand we we keep growing, adding services and locations. 106 ST Tire & Wheel is reinventing the tire business one customer
at a time. Call us or drop buy and see how and why! Open at our main location 24/7 including holidays 718-446-6769 closed one day a year: Christmas.

Have a great week


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