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Tires...So Many Kinds Of Tires

When it comes to deciding on a set of tires, the number of choices out on the market can be almost overwhelming. Which tires are right for your vehicle, your needs and your bank account?


All-season tires are the most common choice for most drivers. All-season tires are generally available in either touring or passenger styles; touring tires are usually quieter and offer better handling, while passenger tires have a more forgiving ride. All-season tires are a jack of all trades, master of none; while they offer good traction on wet or dry pavement, they generally don't perform well in more than in an inch or two of snow. The payoff, however, is that all-season tires also carry a long treadwear warranty.

Winter tires are designed specifically for traction on snow and slush. The deeper, more aggressive tread of winter tires, coupled with a softer rubber formulation that stays flexible at low temperatures, means good performance in difficult conditions. Some winter tires come pre-drilled to make it easy for a technician to install metal studs (where legal) for extreme weather. It's important, though, to change back to all-season tires when temperatures top 40 degrees; the soft material of winter tires will wear quickly in warmer weather.

Light truck tires are available in designs that rival passenger tires for noise and comfort, for drivers who seldom leave the pavement. They're also available in all-terrain, off-road, mud and performance styles, depending on the application and the driver's needs. All light truck tires, however, are designed for longer wear and greater load capacity than automotive tires.

What are you driving? What are your needs and your budget? If it's time for a set of tires for your car or truck, make an appointment with us at 106 St Tire & Wheel in Corona, NY and let's talk!


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