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TPMS reset and replacement available 24 hours at 106-01 Northern Blvd

Improperly inflated tires cause accidents, property damage, lost time at work and LIVES.
Properly inflated tires have more traction, brake better and give you better mileage.

Over 10,000 accidents a year are caused by improperly inflated tires! Here at 106 St Tire
and Wheel, free tire pressure checks are always available and so are TPMS sensors...
resets and replacements are available.

Stop by any of our locations any day of the week M-Sun and 24 hours a day and we will
be delighted to give you a free tire inspection, a free safety inspection, free brake inspection,
free compressed air...its one more reason why 106 St Tire is the dominant force in Queens
and Brooklyn in tires, wheels, repairs, etc


106-01 Northern Blvd open 24 hours 7 days including all holidays, closed Christmas, we've just added A/C service and repair to our quiver
105-08 Northern Blvd open 7 days 8am-8pm, Napa car care preventative maintenance center
118-02 Merrick Blvd open 7 days, our taxi, TLC and car service center, ordinary cars, too!
79-20 Queens Blvd open 7 days, NYS inspection, A/C service and repair
45-13 108 ST open 7 days serving Forest Hills

Call us 24/7 718-446-6769

Have a safe day, drive slow, get your free inspections and drive safer


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