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Try on Wheels From Home from Your Lazy Boy


Would you like to try on Vellano wheels? Vossen Wheels? How about Savini or Konig rims right from the comfort of your own home without getting out on without getting out of your Lazy-Boy rocker?

We've made it really easy and SIMPLE if you are a 106 St Tire & Wheel customer.

Innovation, tech-savvy, customer comfort, high def TV is what sets 106 St Tire apart from the ordinary tire dealer, Remember Grandpa's tire dealer had a car seat for you to sit on and read a 4-year-old magazine. It's the kind place kind where you sit on a car seat, look at tire posters in a dirty old place like your grandfather did. That's not the way it is at any 106 ST Tire location....we have plants, we have music, informative videos, soccer games or just plain high def TV on so you can relax. We're been called an upscale tire dealer with the best prices in Queens.

Welcome to Queens, Brooklyn 's NYC's premier tire and wheel center, a 21st century, classy, tire, wheel dealership doing Napa brakes, opening our wheel alignment center 24 hours and gearing up for more great customer services....we are state of the art online and in our 5 locations and we take pride in seeing the same customers over our counter for all the decades we have been serving Queens and Brooklyn with the best prices, the best service and constant innovation making us the only place to shop on Long Island!

106 St Tire's brand new wheel configurator allows customers to take a look at their make and model of car with Vossen wheels, Maxxim rims, Konig, MHT, TSW, D2 Forged, Konig and a whole range of beautiful, hot wheels. Go to WHEELS in blue navigation bar at the top of the page, click it, the configurator will be the only item there. Click it and you are on your way to arm chair wheel shopping.

106 St offers the same kind of at home tire shopping experience as well with our tire inventory /shop-for-tires and customers get to see our prices at THEIR convenience.

When you think you have found what you want either in tires or wheels or both, and, remember we can arrange better prices if you purchase a tire and wheel pkg, JUST COME ON IN or call our main store and ask for one of our tire and wheel experts. By the way, we have a large number of wheel styles on display at 106-01 Northern Blvd, showroom open 8am-8pm.

Our main location, an icon in Queens for decades, is located at 106-01 Northern Blvd 718-446-6769

Stay safe!