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TSW Wheels - True Racing Wheels

Plenty of manufacturers claim they market and sell “racing wheels,” but TSW can truly back that claim up. TSW has a 30-year pedigree in autosports, having been founded by a former Formula One racing driver. TSW wheels have been on cars at 24 Hours of Le Mans, Spec Miata and many other autosports events. Their wheels evolved from racing technology; TSW was first out of the gate with the race-style hex nut look, a popular choice on many racing wheels today.

"Staggered applications" means a wider wheel at the car's rear wheels, and TSW offers a huge variety of staggered wheel applications, with as many as three different widths for a perfect fitment. Their staggered wheels are available for 17” to 22” applications, with wheel lips as large as 5”. Many of TSW's hyper-black and hyper-silver finishes feature machine cut wheel lips, also referred to as mirror-cut or diamond-cut. Other finishes for TSW wheels include chrome, gunmetal, matte black and matte bronze, with many wheels reflecting their racing heritage by bearing the names of legendary Formula One and rally courses.

In addition, TSW markets marque-specific wheels, custom-designed for specific makes, such as:

  • BMW (Beyern)
  • Mercedes (Mandrus)
  • Porsche (Victor)
  • Land Rover (Redbourne)
  • Jaguar (Coventry)
  • Lexus (Lumarai)
  • Corvette (Cray)
  • Smart Car (Genius)
  • Off-road/SUV (Black Rhino)

TSW wheels are designed for a vibration-free ride, with hub-centric rings; their quality control and design standards exceed the industry's norm, for smoother, better-handling ride qualities and stability. Many of their wheels are manufactured with state-of-the-art CNC milling and rotary forging, with the rim forged at high-pressure as the rim is spun at high speed. This process actually changes the molecular structure of the alloy itself, resulting in a stronger, lighter weight wheel that reduces unsprung weight and rotational mass for enhanced performance. That enhanced strength and performance can make a big difference when it comes to the rigors of track racing, with the extra stress and wear that wheels experience at the track. TSW is an international dealer and distribution network, including Canada, South America, Taiwan, Australia and Europe.


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