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Understanding the New York State Automotive Safety Inspections Requirements (Part 1)

Understanding the New York State Automotive Safety Inspections Requirements (Part 1)

The state of New York has a vehicle inspection program meant to ensure that all vehicles registered within its boundaries satisfies the minimum set standards for safely operating on highways and public streets. When a car is purchased within the state, the dealer is liable for the inspection. It must be carried out within 30 days from date of sale and before it is delivered to the owner. In addition, vehicles are also subject to emissions inspection to control air pollution. These inspection are carried out together by a DMV certified inspector in any of the authorized the facilities.

State inspection

Vehicle Inspection Requirements

According to the law, all motor vehicles must be in safe functional state every time they are used on a public road or street in New York State. All vehicles registered within the state must be taken for inspection every 12 months. The inspection must be carried out prior to the date of expiration of the in progress inspection sticker, and every time there is change in the name of the registration details of the vehicle. The vehicle must be inspected in a licensed location, which must issue an appointment date for the inspection within eight working days if they are not in a position to carry it out immediately.

When a vehicle fails to satisfy the safety and emission inspection standards, we must obtain the permission of the owner before any initiating any repairs. After the repairs, the vehicle must go through new inspection before the authorities issue you with an inspection sticker. It is an offense for an inspector to intentionally grant, or a motorist to deliberately agree to, an inspection sticker when a full and appropriate inspection has not been completed, which is why we work to make sure that everything is in working order with your vehicle.

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