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What is headlight restoration? (Part 1)

What is headlight restoration? (Part 1)

Headlight restoration

Everyone wants their car running and looking perfect, but this is not always easy. Taking care of the small things in your car before they get out of hand is a good way of maintaining your vehicle. Essential things like washing the car, cleaning the interior, changing the oil and keeping up with the regular maintenance can ensure that the car remains in good shape always.

When washing your car, do you notice how the headlights look? Many vehicles have cloudy, hazy, discolored, and scratched headlights. This is very common, even with newer vehicles. Many people don't bother to wash and wax these parts because they never look good after all the effort.

After using your car for a while, the headlights become cloudy, and this can result in a significant loss of visibility at night. If the headlights become dull, yellow, or even hazy, you may be endangering your life and those of your passengers.


Modern headlights

Replacing car headlights used to be very straightforward, but this is no longer the case. While older vehicles had separate headlights and glass covers, newer vehicles have modular headlights, so the entire headlight system now has to be changed. Replacing these headlights by yourself is very difficult. A professional is required to help in the whole process, and the mechanics at 106St Tire & Wheel are here to help.


Causes of cloudy headlights

Today, most vehicle headlights are made up of a material known as polycarbonate plastic. A long time ago, most vehicles only used glass on their headlights. Polycarbonate plastic is highly durable, and it is naturally porous. Many manufacturers have recently started to use a protective coating on the material to offset the porosity. However, this protective layer fails after some time. When the protective layer has failed, the material becomes easily oxidized due to exposure to the UV rays from the sun and harsh environmental conditions.

In some cases, the seals of the headlights fail too, allowing dust, water, and other environmental pollutants to get into the apparatus. The light coming from the headlamps becomes diminished due to this degradation, which can reduce the driver's visibility.

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