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What is headlight restoration? (Part 2)

What is headlight restoration? (Part 2)

Types of plastic headlight restoration

The internet usually has a solution for all your problems. It will offer you very many products for DIY headlight restoration, but it is very important to do some research before spending your hard earned money. Many products available online offer to solve this problem, but they end up disappointing you. Most of the products remove the haze for several weeks, but then it comes back. Car washes and some mobile auto dealers also try to offer you headlight restoration services, but these are just short-term shortcuts.

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If you want your headlights to be restored correctly, we can help. Our professionals they will offer you the repair you need. A professional restoration service will completely eradicate all the scratches and yellowing on the vehicle headlights. We will do more than just a basic headlight restoration by replacing the UV filter that helps in preserving the headlight clarity from the factory.


How will you know that your headlights need restoration?

If you notice reduced visibility during the night, consider yourself a good candidate for professional headlight restoration. If you want to be sure, inspect the lights during the night and the day. You can start by using a glass cleaner or sometimes a degreaser to clean the headlights thoroughly. When you notice any scratches, condensation of the headlights, yellowing, inspect your car headlights thoroughly at night. If the light they emit does not have a focus or is overly diffuse, it is time to call us.

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