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When you car battery needs to be replaced Part I

When you car battery needs to be replaced (Part 1)

The battery influences every electrical element in a car. Every car battery needs to be replaced at some point. We've written before about battery cables, but let's see what else we can learn.

Let's start with why the battery needs to be replaced.

Many cars on the road today use lead acid batteries, which are equipped with six lead cells, and lead oxide plates packed with dilute sulphuric acid. The lead acid battery usually gets drained of its capacity, mostly owing to high levels of sulfation. In severe cases, the capacity may drop too low that the battery may not be able to start a car.

Normally, a typical car battery lasts from 5 years to 7 years, although its prolonged life greatly increases if the car is driven on a daily basis. This is because the car battery lasts longer when it's kept fully charged, although overcharging can also damage it. Maintaining and replacing it when supposed to will greatly save you a lot of stress.

Here is how you can detect a faulty battery that needs replacement.

Driving around without knowing the state of your battery is very risky. There are many indications, signs and symptoms that your car battery may need replacement.

1. Slow engine strangeness- When you notice that when you try to start your vehicle, the cranking of the engine is slow and annoying, this is a sign that your battery needs replacement.

2. Look out for the engine light- The engine light is usually an indication that your battery power is weak. Check for the system indicator lights, such as the check engine and low coolant lights since they a sign that your battery has a problem.

3. Depleted battery fluid intensity- Car batteries usually have a section of the casing that is semi-transparent so that you can always monitor your battery's fluid level. You can also check the fluid level by getting rid of the red and black caps, especially if they are not sealed.

4. Examine if the battery case is swollen or bloating- If you notice that your battery casing looks like it has swollen, this could be a sign that your battery needs replacement. The swelling is mostly caused by excessive heat, which decreases your battery's life.

5. Corrosion- If you smell a strong, rotten egg smell, it could be a sulfuric odor around your battery caused by a battery leak, which in turn causes corrosion. Battery leakage also causes corrosion where the + and – cable connections are situated. The corroded remains may need to be scraped off, or else you end up having a dead battery.

6. Driving habits- Weather, frequent short trips, mostly less than 20 minutes, and driving habits can drastically shorten the actual life of your car battery. Driving conditions in New York City are classified as “severe,” which takes a toll on your battery life.

If the fluid level is under the energy conductor inside, then you should have the battery and charging system tested. However, note that when the fluid levels drop, it could be due to overcharging.


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