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Why wheel alignments are necessary (Part 1)

Five reasons why an annual wheel alignment check is necessary.

If you are looking for a way to save cost and drive safely, then getting a wheel alignment is one of the car maintenance services you should consider at least every six months. Als you may know, driving conditions in New York are severe. While many people would only go for alignment if they happen to hit a cub or a pothole - and you certainsly should - research shows that the day to day use of a car affects alignment. Therefore, for cost saving, and safety purposes, this vehicle maintenance service is recommended at least twice in a year or after every 15000 miles.

Even though you do not have to wait for signs to have your wheels checked for alignment, some indicators should get you worried. If your car won't drive straight until you turn the steering away from the center position or the edges of your tires are wearing quickly, then it is the time you consider a wheel alignment.

You should also consider checking every time you replace your car tires, ball joints, suspensions or tie rods. If there is an uneven wear of any of the above, then it is necessary to have a wheel alignment check. Here are the five most important reasons as to why you should have an annual wheel alignment.

Wheel alignments ensure safety.

Wheel alignments improve the handling and ride quality of a vehicle. When the wheels are out of alignment, the vehicle continuously drifts or pulls to one side of the road when you loosen the grip on the steering wheel. The drifting makes it hard to drive in a straight line hence putting you at a risk of getting into an accident.

When the wheels are unaligned, the flexibility with the steering wheel, which is crucial in emergency situations, is compromised. This can also affect the braking system and the general handling of the car. Apart from the safety issues, driving a vehicle with an out of alignment wheels can very annoying and tiresome.

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