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Winter Driving; Will your Car Be Ready?

Swowy roads

Take a look at the picture above. It's Greenwich Village last February. How will your car perform when the weather gets like this?

106 ST Tire and Wheel offers all our customers a free 47 point safety inspection.

At this time of the year, with winter approaching, every driver needs mechanical systems inspected to prevent further damage to their cars and unsafe driving conditions to be able to safely handle the approaching winter season.

For example, our free inspection includes a battery check...on those cold winter mornings will your car have the "juice" to start? Want to wait for AAA or miss a day at work?

Another example? Will you get adequate braking on ice? Why wait till your car is sliding around or can't stop causing injury and/or an accident.

106 St Tire and Wheel wants our customers to be safe so here's a list of what we inspect for your safety, your vehicle's safe performance and pedestrian safety.

The following are included in 106 ST Tire and Wheel's free vehicle check-up:

  • all 4 tires for pressure, wear and tread depth
  • engine oil
  • anti-freeze
  • front and rear brakes
  • power steering
  • transmission
  • windshield wipers and windshield wiper fluid
  • belts both serpentine and power steering
  • air filter
  • hoses: radiator, power steering, heater hoses and a/c hoses
  • head lights
  • tail lights
  • turn signals
  • parking lights
  • battery
  • shocks and struts
  • transfer case
  • differential
  • CV joint boots
  • steering components
  • U-joints
  • front and rear suspension
  • exhaust system

Come on in before the weather becomes an issue and yours and others safety is in jeopardy.


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