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your auto air-conditioner, what does it do, how does it do it, what can go wrong?

Auto air-conditioning? It's a no brainer, right. It's there to keep you cool when the weather is hot. It does that by removing the heat and humidity from inside your car where you want to be comfortable and relaxed.

The A/C system is powered by a belt. Belts wear out. Result? No cool air!

Your A/C compressor utilizes refrigerant and pressurizes and pumps it through your air conditioning system pushing it through a valve where pressure and temperature are reduced. The cooler refrigerant travels through the evaporator in the passenger compartment resulting in cooler temperatures inside your vehicle. This refrigerant recycles and returns to the compressor, where the cycle begins once again maintaining comfortable temperatures inside your vehicle. Not enough refridgerent? No cool air.

When things go wrong within this system, you may experience the A/C blowing warm or hot air into the inside of your car.

Come on over to 106 St Tire & Wheel at 79-20 Queens Blvd Monday through Sunday and our A/C techs will find the issue and repair it. 106 St Tire now has A/C techs at our main location at 106-01 Northern Blvd as well.

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